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Official site of classic rock singer, songwriter, musician, Jon Parrot. His energetic hard rock / blues and country style of singing and bass playing has been compared to such classic rock and hard rock greats as Bob Seger, Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker, Jack Bruce, Rod Stewart and others.

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This site showcases Jon's songwriting skills as well as his singing and playing. Whether on his acoustic guitar or playing bass with a power trio, Jon's music covers a wide range of styles including hard rock, classic rock, blues, and country. As a solo entertainer, he performs original songs and rock and pop standards with just an acoustic guitar, using no backing tracks or karaoke. His high energy approach to acoustic guitar and intense vocal style is why Jon Parrot is one of the most popular solo acts in Brevard County, Florida.

Listen for free to mp3's Jon's album of original classic rock songs. Jon Parrot's solo CD "40 Years" was recorded at Blues Rock Guitarist Dave Munkhoff's studio and is available at CD_Baby (credit cards accepted). Check out the free MP3 downloads and share the music with your friends.

The music Jon Parrot's new CD has been getting rave reviews at After 40 years in the music business, Jon's proud to present his first solo album of all original songs. You can see Jon Parrot performing his original acoustic songs as well as everyone's favorite classic rock standards and romantic rock songs live throughout central Florida.

Whether, singing with his hard rock band, the Bad Boys or performing as a solo acoustic act, Jon knows how to get the crowd going. He has always had a way of bringing out the wild side of an audience.

About Jon Parrot

Since the release of his “40 Years” CD, Jon has been rockin’ the Florida Space Coast with one man acoustic show. He is currently one of the busiest entertainers in Brevard County with eight or more gigs a week, often performing at two different venues in one day. His many years of experience as a professional musician and singer have given him the ability to charm audiences of all ages. This has made Jon a regular favorite at many of the popular beach clubs and restaurants which cater to both tourists and locals. Even with such a busy schedule, Jon Parrot can be seen jamming in between gigs or after hours at any of the open mic sessions in the area. He loves to sing and play, and never misses a chance to sit in with a band of just to pick up an acoustic guitar and do a song. People don’t realize that Jon often improvises new songs on the spot. You never know when you could be hearing the beginning a new song from a yet unreleased CD.


Number One In Cashbox Magazine

Jon Parrot has reached the number one spot on the Indie Music Chart in Cashbox Magazine. The title song from Jon's debut solo CD, "40 Years" was chosen by a panel of experts at Cashbox Magazine, a long time respected magazine in the music industry, as the best song by an independent artist for the 2nd & 3rd week of March 2008.

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Jon Parrot's Solo CD

15 years old, I saw the Beatles live. John, Paul, George, and Ringo, they changed my life. Music became my passion. The Stones, Kinks, Animals, Zep, Doors, Cream, Hendrix. God we had the greatest music when I was growing up.

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I played in bands all my life. Had a couple of real shots and always blew them in some Technicolor meltdown. I think they saved my life because I would have probably been another one of those statistics.

All my life I dreamed of being able to play my music in front of people and now at the age of 55, I finally have my first cd out. You just can’t quit. I have a song on my next cd, that I wrote in 1971, called “Persistence and Patience” and it has been my mantra for the last 35 years. You gotta keep trying, you gotta keep trying.

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